Friday, October 19, 2007

thanks for your vote

The official results of the East Tennessee's Best Readers Poll were in this morning's Knoxville News Sentinel. Because I knew my name would be in the paper as first runner-up in the voting for best local blogger, I thought it might be nice to pick up a few extra copies for family members. I flipped to the Favorite Pastimes section and looked for my category. The fact that I had gotten more votes than world famous super blogger (and second runner-up) Glenn Reynolds of was overshadowed by the picture and description of the winner. The page was dominated by a large photo of Justis Richert, also known as Knoxville-based adult performer Barbie Cummings. Her now-defunct blog was voted number one. I won't be sending a tear sheet to Mom or Grandma.

I also won't be going to the awards luncheon to pick up my certificate. I wanted to go, like I did five years ago. I even emailed Jack Lail asking if he knew the date of the ceremony. I got a reply from the paper's marketing department. They offered to send my award to me. It turns out that the banquets have been discontinued due to poor attendance. Maybe they could have gotten more people to show up if they could guarantee that Justis/Barbie would be there.

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Anonymous Heather said...

Wow Frank, think how well you'll do next year with no drug-using porn star to compete with!! Congratulations!!


Blogger Byron Chesney said...

B.C. won? Ugh, what a crock! Oh, well, congrats on 2nd place (even though you shoulda been first).

Anonymous Lance said...

She just blew away the competition.

Blogger campbell2830 said...

I heard you all on the radio this morning talking about your blog. I've never checked it out before so I thought I would. I think you all are great, the three of you together make a great combo. Mark's out spoken ways, Kim's soft and kind heart and your ability to even things out when they get crazy, makes your morning show the best there is. I never thought they needed anything added until you came along. Congratulations!!


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