Monday, December 31, 2007

meet Napoleon Bananaparte

The spoonful of reduced-fat peanut butter on my banana looked enough like a bicorne hat that we had to take a picture. Bonne année!

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Anonymous Stacy McCloud said...

Hey Frank,

I LOVE peanut butter and banana, that is what I eat for breakfast every morning!!

Just stopping by to thank you for commenting on my blog question.
You mentioned liking my hair shoulder length. Well right now it's about 3 to 4 inches past shoulder length .. so it won't be cut too much shorter than what you like ;)
But will be different ... that is if i do it!

Nervous, nervous!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

hahaha...very clever title.

is that a risk board in the background?

Blogger Frank Murphy said...

Thanks! The Risk board was my son's idea. Please also notice how Napoleon's "hand" is tucked into his peel.


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