Thursday, September 25, 2008

grounded transportation

What happened to the shuttle that ran between Knoxville and Nashville International Airport? About a month ago I heard a news report that suggested it was already time to buy airline tickets for Thanksgiving weekend. I got online to purchase a round trip ticket for my son to come home from college for the holiday. As usual, there were no direct flights. He would have to change planes in Chicago or Dallas with either a very short or a very long layover. With flight delays and the memory of our last travel fiasco still in mind, I didn't like the idea of him having only 45 minutes to catch a connecting flight in Chicago in November weather.

My wife said she would be willing to drive to Nashville to pick him up, so we looked at flights in and out of the Music City. A nonstop flight cost about $100 less than the one-stop flights into Knoxville. Last week when the gas prices spiked at $5 a gallon, my boss suggested that we look into booking a seat on the K-Town Shuttle. He looked for it on his computer and I later looked on mine to no avail. Their phone number was disconnected too. Does anybody know why they closed up shop?

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Anonymous Jennifer B said...

My mom used to take it every time. I think it closed a couple of years ago, but we never heard why. If Frank, Jr.'s flights correspond with my mom's flights at Thanksgiving, maybe they can ride together. She's getting a rental car anyway.


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