Saturday, January 17, 2009

dance the hoochie coochie

One or two clicks on the Internet has got me craving a cupcake and counting the months (four) until my next trip through St. Louis. Now I need to figure out how I got to this point.

It started with a short message from my friend Susan Olsen. She wrote "marshmallowy goodness to you." I knew she would appreciate it when I wrote back something about toasting her with a glass full of Marshmallow Fluff. She then sent me a photo of a Fluff coffee mug topped with the stuff. She's been placing jars of Fluff in famous paintings and album covers and wrote, "I would welcome any ideas from you. I think you have a deeper understanding of the marshmallow."

Thinking about sweet treats prompted me to look at Cupcakes Take the Cake, which had an incredible shot of a s'mores cupcake from New York. I kept scrolling through their older posts and found one about the writer's recent trip to St. Louis. She visited a place called Jilly's Cupcake Bar, which instantly earned a spot on my to-do list with its photo of a cream-filled S'murtle cupcake. Half s'more, half turtle, total perfection.

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Blogger Meaghan said...

Re: "She's been placing jars of Fluff in famous paintings and album covers"

Do you mean that I could find works of art adapted by Susan Olsen featuring my favorite preservative-free marshmallow treat?

Does she have a website where we can view said artwork?

Anonymous Jere said...

Ok, I am not really a marshmallow person, but even I am now craving a s'murtle cupcake. Mmmm!


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