Monday, February 02, 2009

this site won't harm your computer

The news that Google accidentally broke the Internet came as a great relief. I was glad it was them and not me. I was one of the many people using the search engine around 10:00 a.m. on Saturday. Everything I searched for came back with a warning that clicking the links would hurt my computer. The stumble by the mighty Google surprised me so much that I didn't even try another search engine. I might have thought to save a few screen grabs if I weren't worried that I had been infected with a virus or spyware or whatever the next bad thing will be called. Or that maybe Google had been hacked. Fortunately others did save their weird results. Depending on your political views, you can choose to be amused by the idea of a dangerous Pentagon website or a harmful New York Times homepage.

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Blogger overtly trite said...

we thought we had picked up a virus or some malware at work as well!

Blogger JMS said...

I saw this on my home computer - the [clicking this link might harm your computer] thingy... But frankly, ( pun intended!) I thought nothing of it. I guess if it really had been something then my computer would be simply riddled with viruses by now!

I'm sad that way - nothing can deter me from my Google searches!

Glad to have found your blog! I used to listen to you on The River (I believe it was) way back when! Or, maybe it was somewhere else...I've slept since then! However, I do remember when you moved here because it was only a year or two after I did.

~Jennifer @ Random Ramblings


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