Wednesday, May 20, 2009

game on

How many times did my wife and I vote for Adam Lambert on "American Idol" last night? We lost count.

I was working from 8 to 10 p.m. and didn't know which phone number was for Adam and which was for little Kris Allen and his George Jetson mouth. I had enough of a break to make a quick phone call. When I got through on the 01 number, I expected the recorded voice to tell me for which contestant I had cast my blind ballot. All it said was "thanks for voting for contestant one; watch American Idol tomorrow on Fox; sponsored in part by AT&T."

Worried that I had voted for the wrong guy, I scrolled through the contact list on my phone looking for someone who would have been paying attention. My goddaughter is a huge fan of "Idol," so I called her and asked which numbers were for which singer. The odd numbers were for Adam.

Later while we watched the show on our DVR, my wife and I sat there like a couple of tweens with our cell phones voting for Adam. It was much too easy to get through on his lines, which made us vote all the more. As of late last night, had Kris leading by a slight margin. Of course that was before the Glambert-loving West Coast fans had a chance to call.

Adam performed like a professional while Kris looked like a talented amateur and not just because of his creepy mustache. My wife said that Adam had more vocal control and an incredible range. He played to the audience better than Kris too. The difference was most notable on the horrible song that Kara DioGuardi co-wrote for them both to sing.

Win or lose, Adam will be fine. He's guaranteed a successful career either way. In a way I'm reminded of the year that Ruben Studdard defeated Clay Aiken. In the time since then, Clay has had a more impressive career. At the time I wanted Ruben to win but in hindsight I think Clay deserved the title.

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Blogger Andrew Ballew said...

If it is JUST a singing competition, Adam wins, despite his divisive style.

That said, Adam has some sour notes on one of those songs he sang tonight, I think when he gets really warmed up into that incredible upper register, his lower register suffers when he comes back to it.

Enough of the vocal critiques.. I wish I could just enjoy the music sometimes.

Anonymous 101 said...

Adam will be the new male "Madonna"...gr8 talent!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Remember, it isn't really a contest to see who has the strongest voice. It's a contest to find a relevant record artist TODAY in America.
John Mayer and Jason Mraz are very successful artists right now...just like Kris Allen could be.
Adam Lambert would have been better off in the 1980's. He could have put up good competition for guys like Sebastian Bach, or Axl Rose. You saw how successful the band "The Darkness" was. One and done!

Anonymous Jere said...

Andrew is correct about the couple of sour notes, but Kris struggled with that same problem. In fact, they talked about the "Kara" song being too high for Kris, but his range is so limited, I think he would have struggled even more with the beginning of the song had they lowered it.

As I recall, Clay Aiken was considered too theatrical too. But I think that also made him more marketable. I can totally see Adam on Broadway; and hope to someday.

I won't mind if Kris wins. He will definitely sell tickets (he's cute), but my multiple votes go to Adam.

Oh yeah, I also wanted to say that it HAS been a great season, and I hope Danny gets a good contract too. But I still think I would go to a David Cook concert before I would go to anyone's from this season.

Anonymous Jere said...

Congratulations go to Kris Allen.

What a great finale show. The only person that we could have done without was Rod Stewart. I thought the Idol kids did his song better than he did.

But even Kara's part of her song was impressive. "A bit theatrical" - (English accent)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't want to say any names, but the "lead" on your show has a crush on Adam Lambert. You were all whining a little this morning.
Adam's voice is stronger, but Kris Allen may honestly appeal to more people. His sound is not as polarizing as Adam's. That's what hurt Adam. It's that not everyone can take that high Steven Tyler scream in every song.
Please don't let baldy hint again that this has anything to do with the fact that Adam is a little feminine. Why can't it simply be because more people dug Kris's sound?


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