Friday, June 19, 2009

balancing act

At church parties and other functions, I often find myself trying to hold a cup or bottle of water and a paper plate of food in one hand while using a plastic fork or spoon with the other hand. I saw a clever invention at Kroger yesterday that would theoretically solve the problem. The Go Plate sits on top of your beverage can, bottle or cup. The side of the package warns that the Go Plate should not be microwaved and that "extremely hot food will deform plate." The best part is the reminder to "remove beverage from the Go Plate to drink."

I thought about buying some but resisted when I thought about how weird it might be for me to bring my own plate to somebody's party. Am I wrong?

P.S. Yes, that is Old Yeller dog food in the background.

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Blogger Andrew Ballew said...

You shouldn't put in in a Microwave? Hmmm, maybe I should alert those Youtube guys who put on "Is it a good idea to Microwave this?". One of my favorite wastes of time.

Blogger Meaghan said...

That is, quite possibly, the best invention since the Snuggie.


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