Saturday, March 13, 2010

no bones about it

Jon Jefferson and Dr. Bill Bass start their publicity and book-signing tour for "The Bone Thief" in about a week. They fit me into their schedule one day last month to pre-record an interview that airs this week on the East Tennessee Report. You can download it as a podcast or listen to it by clicking on the "play" icon.

after recording the East Tennessee report on 2/24/10 The new book opens with the description of a dead news anchor. The fictional Maureen Gershwin worked at WBIR with a co-anchor named Randall Gibbons. From her physical description, I thought she might have been based on a real local anchor who planted a kiss on me at a charity function but I was wrong. She is mostly a figment of Jon Jefferson's imagination.

page 359 At the time we recorded the interview, Jefferson and Bass had not yet told WBIR's Russell Biven about the similarity between his name and that of the anchorman in the book. I saw John Becker the other day and told him that WBIR is featured in "The Bone Thief." I also didn't know until a couple of days ago that the authors had graciously mentioned my proofreading in the acknowledgments.

With the new novel about to come out, my Google alert for the Body Farm has been especially active lately. For example, one reviewer assumes, like most, that Dr. Bill Brockton is based on Dr. Bill Bass. I can tell you that Brockton is a lot more like Jefferson than Bass. Meanwhile, a local photographer posted a good picture on his blog of Dr. Bass during a slide show about the Big Bopper's exhumation.

In other decomposition news, Mesa State College has decided to not set up a temporary body farm near the intersection of 29 and D Roads. Instead they will continue searching for a more remote, permanent location. As one Colorado newspaper writer pointed out, the original Body Farm is within a mile of homes and within mere feet of the UT Medical Center parking lot.

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Blogger Cassie said...

Frank I have a question you may know that answer to. If I pre-order my copy of The Bone Thief through Borders will I be able to pick it up in time for the book signing that night ? Would hate to order it and then miss the signing there. Not that I don't fully intend to read it ASAP.

Blogger Frank Murphy said...

That seems like more trouble than it's worth.

Are you worried about them selling out of books during the appearance?

Maybe you should call the store manager and see if they will hold a copy for you.

Of course, it's easy for me to say. I already have a copy for myself and a spare that I am going to have signed for a silent auction to benefit Children's Hospital.

Blogger Cassie said...

Thanks for rubbing it in that you already have 2 copies, and have already read the book. Oh and lets not forget that you are mentioned in the acknowledgments. :o(
I am worried they will sell out before the signing and I think I would flip if I couldn't get one. Thinking I will go first thing that morning and try and get a copy to bring back with me.

Blogger Frank Murphy said...

Oh, are you referring to page 359? Mwah ha ha ha ha ha ha...


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