Sunday, March 07, 2010


The Academy Awards are just wrapping up as I write this. Thankfully, "Avatar" did not win Best Picture as many thought it might when the nominations were first announced. The momentum for "The Hurt Locker" has been unstoppable lately and it wasn't too surprising that it claimed the top trophy.

They say that to truly be the best picture, a film should also win the award for best director. Kathryn Bigelow proved that old adage true tonight. Another old saying is that before it goes on the stage, it has to be on the page. In my opinion, the best picture winner should also have picked up one of the two screenwriting awards earlier in the night. "The Hurt Locker" won for Original Screenplay. "Avatar" wasn't even nominated in a writing category.

As has become my new favorite pastime during award shows and major sporting events, I enjoyed reading and posting comments on Twitter. Here are a few things I wrote during the Oscars tonight:
  • I'm glad Sandra Bullock won. Meryl Streep should have won last year for "Doubt." I can't even remember who beat her.
  • In Memoriam, a/k/a the awkward smatterings of applause
  • Woohoo! My favorite part! In memoriam!!
  • Sarah Jessica Parker as a clothes horse? Unfortunate choice of words.
  • All night the live audio at the Oscars has been bugging me. Is something wrong with their stage mic?
  • Wait, you're telling me that Avatar was NOT nominated for best adapted screenplay based on the movie "Pocahontas" by Disney?
  • My wife & I are considering paying the $6 for "A Serious Man" via On Demand
  • What award did Joy Behar just win? I'm confused.
  • "Logorama" looks like one of those maps you get from the car rental agency or the motel when you go on vacation.
  • If each death from 2009 gets this much time, it's going to be the longest "in memoriam" segment ever.
  • I saw it, I'm just saying Academy is over its SciFi quota RT @clydetombaugh if you don't think "District 9" deserved Best Picture nod...
  • They have the guy from "Star Trek," which should have been nominated, introducing the film that likely stole Trek's spot.
  • Best picture of the year, "Up," just won its award.
  • Squirrel!
  • NPH steals the Oscar gig!!
  • Why don't they have TV pros asking the questions? RT @MarkNagi Kathy Ireland throwing softball questions is like Verne interviewing Tebow

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