Tuesday, March 16, 2010

unlucky charms

It's time to call B.S. on Gibson Greeting Cards. Last week when I was buying my wife a birthday card, I saw two cards in the St. Patrick's Day section that said "Happy Shamrock Day." That's just wrong. It would be less offensive if they discontinued all their St. Patrick's cards rather than publish ones that celebrate clover.

Back in the prehistoric days before I started this blog, I noticed some napkins with the same offending phrase on them. The idiotic marketing scheme has picked up more negative press since then, including a bit of a dust-up in Waco last year.

"Happy Shamrock Day" is as stupid as "Happy Turkey Day" on Thanksgiving. Not everyone eats turkey then. Maybe I should expect to see "Happy Hard-Boiled Egg Day" or "Happy Firecracker Day" in the near future. Would Gibson dare market a Passover card that said "Happy Flatbread Days?" I don't think so.

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Blogger overtly trite said...

like happy flatbread day I bet that one takes off LOL. I have always wondered what sort of market there was for St Patrick's Day cards who the heck is sending them???

Blogger alicia said...

Happy Matzoh days? I agree, it's stupid, but it is part of the progressive and intentional removal of all the religious roots of our culture. The commercial interests trying not to offend the "Freedom from religion" foundation and its ilk.


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