Monday, September 12, 2005

...and you are?

A relief telethon is a nice way to raise money after a tragedy. We've had them after 9/11, the tsunami and Hurricane Katrina. The format is mostly the same. Somber celebrities ask for donations between musical performances. There's a simple backdrop of candles or a billowing cloth. Most of the performers are recognizable but there are always some you can't identify. Especially if a group like, oh I don't know maybe Foo Fighters, is doing an obscure cover song instead of one of their own hits. Is there a reason why they don't put up a graphic with the name of the artist? Is it considered crass self-promotion? I think it's more arrogant of the performers to assume that we all know who they are. MTV and VH1 had some sort of relief telethon over the weekend and they flashed the names of the bands at the start of each song. It didn't look bad at all. PBS will have to show the names of the performers during their telethon this Saturday. I don't know about you but I don't think I could pick Diana Krall or Dianne Reeves out of a lineup.
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