Monday, October 24, 2005

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Tonight's episode of "The King of Queens" sounds promising. The subplot involves Patton Oswalt and TV's Batman:
After convincing Lou Ferrigno to accompany him to the annual Sci-Fi convention, Spence spots Adam West in the subway and figures Batman would be a bigger coup than the Incredible Hulk. But Spence's plan unravels when he realizes that West and Ferrigno are old buddies and have caught on to his super hero double dipping.
Patton Oswalt was often a guest on one of the afternoon shows at the old Comedy World Radio Network. I worked for one of the morning shows at the network and didn't get to meet him. I read somewhere that he used to live in the D.C. suburbs and listened to WAVA during the time I worked there. When I looked at his website and saw that he and I both worked as mobile deejays in the '80s for the same small company, I wondered how I could have not yet crossed paths with him.

The last time I went to a taping of "Jimmy Kimmel Live," Patton was one of the guests. Marc Anthony and I were seated in the front row. (I wore an orange shirt.) Patton, Jimmy and Terry O'Quinn all took part in a knife-throwing bit at our end of the stage. I was able to introduce myself to Patton during a commercial break since he was standing right in front of me. I briefly mentioned that we had both worked for Sounds Unlimited in Virginia and Patton said I should email him about it. I did, further detailing the bizarre coincidences. Patton's reply was "Holy s***, that's amazing. I wonder if that company still exists."

Last month I got an email out of the blue from Steve McIntire, the guy who used to run Sounds Unlimited. He wrote that he had sold that company in 1990 but had gotten back into the deejay business about 5 years ago. His new company is called That Oldies Place. In response to my questions about Patton Oswalt, Steve remembered that Patton deejayed the homecoming dances at Broad Run High School several years in a row. Steve was fairly proud of how well Patton has done. I guess Steve hasn't had time to read every blog entry on Patton's website.
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