Wednesday, November 02, 2005

for the record

My friend Bean busted me on a grammatical error I made in a post last week. Here's his email:
you know i always enjoy your blog but am writing to correct your usage of the term "daylight savings time".

it is properly named "daylight saving time" which might sound odd to your ears until you consider other comparable phrases like 'time-saving' and 'money-saving'.

you are not alone. please enjoy this letter to the editor i wrote to my local paper last week:
Keeping in mind that the Beachcomber puts out a pretty good paper every week with a very small staff, I still can't help but comment on an extraordinary proofreading oversight on the front page of this week's issue (October 26).

"Daylight Savings (sic) Time starts Saturday". Five words, three errors!

1) It is actually named "saving" time, never "savings".

2) This weekend marks the end of Daylight Saving Time and the start of Standard Time.

3) The time change always happens on Sunday morning at 2 o'clock, never Saturday.

Gene Baxter
I consulted with my "blogfather" to see if I should go back and change the original post or not. He said that I should, so I did.

Here's another email from Bean that arrived right after the last one:
did i send you me as weird al? i dug your grimley.....
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