Saturday, November 26, 2005

you read it here first

Like most people, I didn't have to work on Thanksgiving. After writing my about pre-parade excitement on Wednesday, I had thought I would take a day off from blogging and save my Thanksgiving Parade review for Friday. But NBC's lack of coverage of the balloon accident made me want to post on Thursday.

One of today's AP headlines is "NBC Didn't Report Accident During Parade." The New York Times had a well written article about it
yesterday. The New York Daily News covered it today saying that NBC left Katie and Matt to twist in the wind.

None of the stories I read gave CBS any credit for covering the accident during their parade telecast. Even WCBS-TV didn't acknowledge the "scoop" in the stories posted to their website Friday and Saturday. I guess there really was no one other than me watching the "CBS Thanksgiving Day Parade" and we all know whose fault that was.
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