Wednesday, January 25, 2006

hello mohter, hello fahter...

EdFinancial is a company that offers access to student loans, giving more people the opportunity for higher education and advancing the cause of academia, learning and intelligence. While they are helping to slake the thirst for knowledge, something else must be in the water at their West Knoxville headquarters. The parking lot shows that they are preparing for a baby boomlet among their staff. There are two parking spaces reserved for expectant mothers and one space reserved for an "expectant mohter," whatever that is. There's also one space reserved for the employee of the month. I'm guessing it's not the person who signed off on the paint job.

(thanks to keen-eyed blog reader Jennifer B. for suggesting I visit that parking lot with my camera)
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Blogger Frank Strovel III said...

The "expectant mohter" space is for dyslexic pregnant women.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just a little info for you, this has since been corrected. :)


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