Saturday, March 11, 2006

acid test

The doors didn't open until 9:00 a.m. but a line started forming at 6:30 this morning for the Women Today Expo, an annual event sponsored by the News Sentinel. Belk had a large display area, much of which was devoted to a new line of products from Paris Hilton. They seem to feel there is a market for people who want to smell like Paris. A Paris Hilton Value Set cost $39. You could also buy the appropriately named "Paris Hilton For Men."

I didn't see anyone actually buy the stuff but if I had waited around, I might have seen someone get a plush toy chihuahua or a baseball cap as a gift with purchase. The cap features Ms. Hilton's logo, which consists of her initials. Oddly enough, I found a table offering free pH tests just a few yards away.

The pH test might be something Ms. Hilton could incorporate into her growing empire. According to the brochure, you dip the test strip into your urine, a procedure with which she may be familiar.

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