Sunday, April 16, 2006

that must have hurt

Fr. Ragan Schriver is the executive director of East Tennessee Catholic Charities. He also celebrates Mass at my parish. Every year at the Easter Vigil, Fr. Ragan has a gleeful look in his eye as he sprinkles the congregation with holy water. He uses a lot more water than any of the other priests.

Last night several parishioners told him that he had received some payback. During the Rite of Initiation, Fr. Ragan had to lift the gigantic paschal candle from its stand so the flame could be used to light smaller candles for the catechumens and candidates. The six foot candle tipped slightly, pouring hot wax onto Fr. Ragan's head and vestments. Afterwards he said "(the pastor) was worried about the vestments but I was like, 'my head is on fire!'"

Some parishioners told him to remove the wax by heating it. Others said to freeze it. I don't think anybody suggested using mineral oil. He let me photograph his hair, which looked as if he had been standing under a pigeon.

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Blogger Frank Strovel III said...

Waxy Priest.

Weren't they a music group?


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