Friday, May 05, 2006

do not read this if you are my mother

After a recent trip to Walt Disney World, I wondered if there were any websites devoted to the face characters of the Disney parks. A press release that came out yesterday leads me to believe that there will soon be plenty of sites about a former Snow White, Cinderella, Alice and Ariel named Kara Monaco. She has been named Playboy's 2006 Playmate of the Year.

Playboy's public relations rep, Bill Farley, was always very kind to radio people. Thanks to Bill, I went to a couple of luncheons at the Playboy Mansion. One was to announce the Playmate of the Year, the other was to promote a celebrity cover. Not only did my wife let me go, she encouraged me to bring along my friend Charlie Reinke, another happily married father of two. It was an outdoor daytime event, so we saw nothing more revealing than a simple sundress.

Two former Playmates of the Year were back in the public eye this week. The Supreme Court agrees that Anna Nicole Smith deserves something for marrying that old man. Maybe not the whole fortune but at least give the girl a few million. Also, Jenny McCarthy was a guest on "The Tony Danza Show" on Wednesday.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...


Of course, I had to read this.

TonightI watched the last show,of a ten year hit. A family show, Seven Heaven.
Surprise ending.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Frank I listen to you every morning on the radio.I also read your blog.You have great and some very informative stories and great thoughts to share with everybody.You live a pretty cool life although you are mocked for it and ridiculed.Keep your head up,your mind clear,and your eye on the prize.What I'm saying is tell these people about life and good times outside of knoxville.Like your time out in california rubbing elbows with the stars.Anyway I like to say thank you and GODSPEED.


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