Wednesday, April 26, 2006

oh that's just Beethoven decomposing

The heck with "TV Turnoff Week." The May ratings sweeps start tomorrow. One of our local stations, WATE, couldn't wait and aired an extremely "sweeps-worthy" feature on tonight's 5pm news. I'm surprised that they didn't save their piece about the Body Farm for another day or two.

I was listening to WATE's 11pm newscast on the way home last night and to their 5am newscast as I got dressed this morning. I heard the promos for their "Bodies of Evidence" report and made sure to set my TiVo before leaving the house. The story and video are already posted on the WATE website. Reporter Adam Longo did a good job with his piece about one of my favorite subjects. (Special note to readers in the Washington DC area: Adam is a Maryland Terp and got his start at WMUC. His bio makes me think that he must secretly be married to a fellow reporter, the lovely Melissa DiPane.)

Return visitors to my blog might recall that I have written several posts about the Body Farm. A quick Google search of my own site revealed more results than I expected. I especially enjoyed writing about an attempt to find the Body Farm in the final paragraph of my March 6 entry. If Adam Longo's two and a half minute report left you wanting more, may I humbly suggest you listen to my half hour interview with Dr. Bill Bass?
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

From Melissa DiPane's bio:

WJLA/NewsChannel 8, Washington, D.C., reporter (2004-2005)

Isn't WJLA channel 7?


Blogger Frank Murphy said...

Yes, WJLA is channel 7. The same company also owns NewsChannel 8, which is on cable only. My guess is that Melissa worked mostly for NewsChannel 8 and that occasionally one of her stories would get picked up by the "big sister" station. If she was full time at WJLA, she probably would not have moved to a smaller market. She can get some anchor desk experience in Knoxville.


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