Tuesday, May 30, 2006

ham for breakfast

Terry Morrow's column on Monday broke the big news. Abby Ham has been promoted from weekend evening anchor to weekday morning anchor. Terry quotes WBIR news director Bill Shory, who said:
"Abby Ham is someone who has only been with us a short time but we have gotten tremendous viewer feedback about her. We want to take this opportunity to move her into a higher-profile role."
Of course this means that I won't be able to watch Ms. Ham anymore, since I'm at work during those early hours. It's the reason I never get to watch Stacy McCloud either. I guess I might occasionally see Abby if she takes a turn anchoring the noon newscast, which is on as I'm tuning in for "The Beverly Hillbillies." I usually see a male anchor on at noon. He's okay at reading the teleprompter but bad at interviewing. His recent interview with a strawberry farmer was a lot like the famous Bob & Ray komodo dragon comedy bit.

Two women at last Tuesday's Einstein Simplified show were teasing me about the many mentions Abby Ham gets in this blog. What made their comments all the more interesting is that they both work at a competing television station. Becky is a news producer at WVLT and Whitney Daniel is a reporter who coincidentally competed against Abby in West Virginia too. While Becky and Whitney have been nice enough to attend several of our improv shows, they've never sent a TV camera like Abby did once. Somebody did have a camera phone though. My "long-suffering wife" took the picture.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Abby Ham's promotion means she'll be able to attend your next Comedy Zone performance...this is all very good...

Anonymous Tonya said...

Who's place is she taking-Michelle Silva?

Blogger Frank Murphy said...

According to Terry Morrow's column, Abby is replacing Michele Silva, who is replacing Seth Grossman on "Style." Seth replaces Abby on weekend evenings and Kay Watson replaces Seth on weekend mornings. It's a step up for all involved.

Anonymous Tonya E. said...

Thanks for the info. Just got to tell you I love your blog and your morning show with Marc and Kim.

Blogger jess said...

damn, frank, you really have lost a lot of weight.
between the laser eye surgery of a few years ago and losing all the weight, I barely know you anymore.
next, you'll shave off the beard, and I'll lose my friend forever.
(seriously, though, you should post a picture of you and the long-suffering wife... i'd love to see where she's at, too

Anonymous Ed Munster said...

Ed Munster says YEA!!! Abby is hot, Abby is hot. All is good and right with the world at WBIR.

Anonymous Anonymous said...


Anonymous Pam Mc said...

Frank my goodness you've lost alot of weight! Looking good, I agree with Jess, where's Jere?? We want a pic of her as well. :)

Anonymous cardinalsRgreat said...

well, i guess that I'll have to pass on the "ham for breakfast". She'll be up against my number one knoxville news babe, stacy mccloud. All the men out there will have good mornings no matter what station they watch now. But i encourage 8, 8, 8 :) Stacy is b-e-a-utiful!
Saw her in public once, no extra ham in the pants there (as someone refered to abbey) she is petite and wow!!! that is all i can say!

Anonymous Ed Munster said...

Well, I have not posted in a little bit, I am glad that Abby is on week days. Now I get a start everymorning with a lovely dose of HAM!! She really is a hottie. And I now hotties!

Anonymous Ed Munster said...

Nothing like a missing 'K' to make 'Know' 'Now'.... LOL!! :)


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