Tuesday, July 18, 2006

and everything that's in it

Knoxville is playing host to a big Christian conference for teens this week. The organizers decided to hire a local improv group (and by that I mean the only local improv group) to entertain. We did two shows on Sunday afternoon and one on Monday evening. We will do another one on Thursday evening. Because the audience consists of high school students celebrating Jesus, we have to keep our shows clean, unlike our usual Tuesday night barprov gigs. While getting in the right mindset, I found an article by John Kinde that touts the benefits of clean comedy.

Between our two shows on Sunday, we tried some roaming improv. My favorite piece was a fake photo scavenger hunt. Well, the photos are real. It was the scavenger hunt that was fake. We split into two teams and went in search of conference attendees. When we spotted someone wearing a red Washington Nationals cap (which looks exactly the same as a Senators cap), we started pointing and yelling excitedly as if it were an item on our non-existent list. We asked a group of guys if any of them had an out-of-state drivers license. When one did, we then claimed we would get double points for also photographing his duct tape wallet. We asked a group of girls to pose like ballerinas and another group to form the letters YMCA, with macho men on either side.

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Blogger Heather said...

If you can do clean comedy you have to be good. Its hard to make clean funny.

Anonymous Pam Mc said...

Yes it sure is.....I agree with Heather but I know y'all will do well!


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