Saturday, September 09, 2006

beware of chainsaw

There were several movies released this summer that sounded good but may not have been worth a full price admission. Last night my wife and I went to the discount theatre to see one such film, "My Super Ex-Girlfriend." I loved it. Eddie Izzard was really funny as the villain and Anna Faris was adorable as the other woman. Rainn Wilson was great as the best friend. I got the feeling that they toned it down slightly to get a PG-13. Maybe the DVD will be unrated.

Our son had gone to a high school football game with one of his friends. A movie would be a nice way for the two of us to spend the evening. Unfortunately my nap ran long and we were just finishing dinner at 7:30. Nevertheless we headed out to the theatre knowing that we would be a little late for the 7:45 showtime and would miss the previews.

As the end credits rolled, my wife said that she liked the movie but that it seemed so short. Maybe we missed more of the movie than I had realized. When we walked in, Luke Wilson was bringing a red rose to Uma Thurman on what looked to be their first date. Without giving away the ending, can you tell me what happened at the beginning? And why is Uma called G-Girl? What does the G stand for?

Do they even show previews at the discount theatre? I had assumed they would. I might find out tonight. We're thinking about going back to see "Click" but it starts in half an hour and we haven't had dinner yet. Out front they have a poster for one of the coming attractions. I will be back to plunk down my $1.50 for "Snakes on a Plane."

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Anonymous Pam Mc said...

I want to see all those movies Frank. Let me know what you think of S.O.A.P.


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