Friday, December 15, 2006

live in the newsroom

A new comment was posted today on my May 10th blog entry. It directed me to an online poll to choose a favorite local female news personality. The poll is part of the very interesting Knoxville Trivia Blog, which I am considering adding to my daily blogroll.

The poll's author, Byron Chesney, assumes that I would cast my vote for Abby Ham. While I'm sure she still does a good job, I haven't watched her since she moved to the early morning shift. Instead, I listen to Tearsa Smith while getting ready for work. That reminds me. I haven't looked at Tearsa's MySpace page in a while.

The poll omits some of the WATE women. Where are Amelia Daniels and Melissa DiPane? They let me take their photo at a United Way event this September.

Byron is partial to Beth Haynes of WBIR. I've always liked Beth too. She appeared as a radio guest on a couple of the shows I've worked on. Plus, I've appeared with Beth on "Live at Five." I can't ignore Michele Silva either. She was probably the first local TV anchor I met after moving here, which means she knew me 60 pounds ago. When casting your vote, also remember that Kay Watson can get casual at Dollywood and that Robin Wilhoit,
the most professional anchor in town, needs nothing more than a simple tuxedo shirt to look great.

WVLT has Stacy McCloud and Alison Hunt going for it. It would be nice if Stacy got promoted to a timeslot I could watch. Instead I usually see Jessa Goddard, who is perfectly fine but keeps referring to the current year as "twenty-oh-six." I am waiting for "twenty-ten" or maybe even "twenty-eleven" before dropping "two thousand and" whatever.

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Blogger bc said...

Sorry for the omission of the WATE women, the free poll service only allowed for 20. I also wanted to add Liz Tedone, formerly of WVLT, she use to be my favorite until Mr. Edwards took her away...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

i can remember you guys bashing the six crew almost weekly before you teamed up with them wtih them reading news and weather and stuff. i know that is part of the gig, but come on, you may like some of them now, but either way you would HAVE to say that ch. 6 girl is your favorite, you work with her now!

keep up the good work frank,

102.1 fan

Blogger Frank Murphy said...

I can only speak for myself and not for my co-workers but I've been a 6 News viewer since I moved to Knoxville. Of course that's mostly because I listen to their newscasts on 87.7 FM but that still counts. I was usually the only dissenting voice when on-air criticism was leveled at channel 6. I thought you would find me to be too easy on all three local news stations, not a "basher." Remember, this is my personal blog. Keep your comments directed at what I write here, not at what you hear other people say on the radio.

Anonymous Tearsa said...

You tell em Frank! By the way 102.1 fan I am a grown woman, not a girl ;) Hey frank, remember when I used to call in all the time when Marc and Kim started talking about the famed "dry erase board"... Tearsa


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