Monday, January 15, 2007

deck the hall

My good friend Bean sent me a terrific Christmas gift. The recent storms in Seattle caused its arrival to be delayed but I didn't mind at all. It's a Cas Walker poster from Yee Haw Industries that Bean had nicely framed. I think it's a much better gift than the 1982 World's Fair t-shirt that I sent him after hearing about them on the news.

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Blogger bc said...

Awesome poster! If I could find one of those, my life would be complete! ;)

If it weren't for Cas Walker, I'd probably have gone barefooted to school when I was a kid! Back in the day Cas use to throw Converse tennis shoes in a big barrel and sell them for 5 bucks. Kids now days are paying anywhere from 45 to 100 dollars for those same shoes, but they call em "Chucks." Go figure...

Anonymous Pam Mc said...

I miss Bean!!!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I remember the Cas Walker store that was in's behind the First Baptist Church and is now a Goodwill store. I've enjoyed hearing the morning show talk about him.

Nice (but odd) picture...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's very tough to beat a Yee Haw print. Hope you got yourself one of those nifty 82 Worlds Fair shirts though. I think the 3/4 sleeve throwback is right up your alley. - Sir Sunsphere


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