Friday, June 27, 2008

could there be a connection?

There were two bottles of Henri's Fat-Free Honey Mustard Salad Dressing on the shelf at the Bearden Food City tonight. As my wife put them in our cart, I realized that they were the same bottles that remained after I bought all but those two last week. One still had their old-style label.

The Food City on Middlebrook Pike put Henri's on a close-out special last week. Does that mean it will be discontinued at all their locations or just that one? Chicken and salad dressing are the two main reasons we switched from Kroger to Food City. I may be looking to switch supermarkets again if I can't continue to get the fat-free Henri's.

Hometown Favorites charges the same price for Henri's as Food City. I have to decide if it's worth paying added cost of shipping and handling. I couldn't find a website for the Henri's brand, just for its parent company, ACH Food Companies in Memphis.

I wish I could buy Henri's dressing as cheaply as the two Chicago-area crooks who got it for only 3¢ a bottle. That wasn't their crime. It was relabeling the bottles to change the expiration date and reselling them to stores. Setting up a toll-free hotline to lie to customers didn't help them either. One of these creative criminal minds is was a movie director.

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Blogger Mr. Kazinec said...

I've worked in over ten different Food City stores in the last 4 years as a Vendor. Like most grocery chains, aisle resets and discontinued products are usually company wide, or in some situations regional wide.

Moral of the story; unless this is a fluke thing, I'd start getting ready to change stores. However, if it is a product that the store can still order, some(most) store managers will allow the items to be cut back into the set for customer requests. If you don't want to change stores, first talk to the manager and see if he/she will accommodate your request.

Anonymous Angela said...

At my job (in a Food City) we get lists of what we will be deleting. However, this usually isn't a company wide thing. My store is located in a diverse area, and we don't carry a lot of the things that other area stores carry. If the higher-ups notice that we don't sell something like they want, then it gets deleted in our store. Like the first commentator said, I would ask the store manager to see if he or she can still order it. Ms. Moore at Bearden would be willing to help you out, I'm sure. I have several things in the bakery that I am allowed to order specially if customers ask for it.

Blogger Mr. Kazinec said...

Ms. Moore would absolutely take care of the customer. I worked in her store for a couple of years and she is a very good manager; very nice as well.


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