Saturday, September 13, 2008

three from the mailbag

A friend from RIVR Media sent word that they are looking for garages to trick out. The Knoxville-based company produces shows for several networks including DIY and HGTV. This particular show is called "Garage Mahal" (as in Taj Mahal). They are looking for homeowners willing to let the TV show do an extreme transformation on a disorganized garage that could theoretically hold two or more cars. It also must have a ceiling height of eight feet or greater. The homeowners have to be available for filming for a span of three days in October or early November. They are looking to cast couples in their late twenties to mid-forties. The email didn't say but I think they plan to film the show in and around Knoxville. However if you look and sound like you "ain't from around here," that can be a plus. I think it helped them choose my house and me to be on an episode of the show "Ed the Plumber" a few years and pounds ago.

Stan Gibert from the American Heart Association asked me to give a plug to their upcoming Greater Knoxville Start! Heart Walk on November 15 in Market Square. The press release says that adults gain two hours of life expectancy for each hour of regular exercise. Stan must have missed the recent blog entry about how I would rather swim a mile than walk a mile.

Sarah Lewis from Jag Star got an email from her aunt with a link to a blog entry I wrote about the band almost a year ago when I noticed her "JAGSTAR" license plate. Sarah emailed me to say that the vanity plate was a gift from her dad. I'm not the only one who recognized them. Sarah said people in Knoxville would honk at her and leave notes on the windshield. She and her husband have since moved to Nashville and are expecting a baby girl named Sofie in December. Congratulations!

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