Wednesday, December 10, 2008

news centennial

The Bijou Theatre opened on March 8, 1909 in downtown Knoxville. It escaped the wrecking ball about 35 years ago and was beautifully renovated in 2006. The Bijou 100 Year Jubilee will celebrate the venue with four days of performances at the end of January, including an appearance by your favorite improv group!

I attended the announcement of the Jubilee this afternoon. WBIR sent a crew and News Sentinel reporter Amy McRary was there asking questions. Mayor Bill Haslam, Ashley Capps and Larsen Jay all made some remarks, followed by Marshal Andy who sang a little bit. The Marshal will recreate the Saturday morning children's shows of old on January 31. He plans to screen The Three Stooges and The Little Rascals during the hour-long presentation. In between films, he will sing, do some rope tricks and teach the kids in the live audience to yodel.

Of course, the highlight for me is that Einstein Simplified will perform on the main stage at the Bijou. We will do a one-hour set on Friday, January 30 at 5:00 p.m. Tickets are only $5, despite what it currently says on the Jubilee site. I am psyched about being on the same stage where the Marx Brothers once did a live show.

If you've never come to our regular Tuesday night show at Patrick Sullivan's because it runs too late or because you have to work the next day or because you don't want to be seen coming out of a bar, here's your chance. No excuses!

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Blogger Amelia said...

I haven't seen ES in forever since you guys stopped performing at the Comedy Zone. Can tickets be purchased right there at the Bijou when we come in or do we have to order them ahead of time?

Blogger Frank Murphy said...

That's a good question Amelia. I know that the Bijou folks want to sell advance tickets via the links that I put in the blog entry. They also want to sell $125 passes that provide admission to most of the performances, including ours. However, you might be able to save the $3 per ticket service charge by going to the box office in person. And although I would be highly complimented if our show sold out, I would guess that there will still be plenty of tickets available at the door.


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