Tuesday, April 07, 2009

quick quick slow

While trying to think about topics for the blog this week, I realized my mind is so occupied with dancing, that it is impossible to write about anything else. I got my second contribution for Children's Hospital (thanks to Mike and Tiffany Nicely) and I had my fourth lesson from Emily Loyless on Monday. She had me write down the steps in our routine, which filled three and a half pages in my little notepad. Then it repeats.

Mary Constantine of the News Sentinel was practicing at the Academy Ballroom when I arrived. She thought it appropriate that the salsa had been assigned to the food writer. Beth Haynes had her first samba lesson earlier in the day. She says we can expect to see some of it on "Live at Five at Four" on Tuesday.

Is it weird that my feet hurt while watching "Dancing with the Stars" on ABC? Not during the talking, only during the dancing. I used to watch and think "there's stuff I can't do." Now I think "there's stuff I can't do but at least I know what it is." For example, near the start of Monday's show, I noticed that lucky Chuck Wicks didn't raise his arm high enough. Julianne Hough had to duck to turn under it. I empathize.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like to watch DWTS but not enamored of Chuck. He seems to have a bit of an attitude problem and he's not taking his criticism well. I think Gilles will win.

I am at MSN Live spaces by the way.


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