Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Ten states remain on my quest to visit all 50. I'm hope to cross three more off my list this summer. My wife and I are making plans to head to Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine during our next vacation.

Last week when we were at Calhoun's, we had a waitress who was from Maine. She moved from there to Florida and then to Tennessee. She suggested we visit the L.L. Bean store in Freeport. When I looked it up in my AAA Tourbook, I was surprised to learn it's open 24 hours a day.

My mother suggested we go to Red's Eats in Wiscasset, which she learned about on a PBS show called "Sandwiches That You Will Like." Red's is famous for its lobster rolls and is a short walk from The Musical Wonder House. My wife would like to see their collection of music boxes. I'm not sure I want to pay the $20 for the one-hour "Full House Presentation." Their three-hour "Grand House Presentation" costs $45. I may wait at Red's while she takes the tour.

We will probably go to the Ben & Jerry's factory in Vermont and someplace that makes maple syrup. We're still looking for a fun destination in New Hampshire. Any suggestions?

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Anonymous Phil McCrevis said...

Orrrr, you could take a magical trip to...Delaware!

Blogger Frank Murphy said...

Thanks for the entertaining fake name, "Phil." It's much better than posting anonymously.

Blogger Byron Chesney said...

Hmm, well I'm not much help here Frank. I've always wanted to visit all of the places that Adam Richman visits on Man V. Food

Blogger John Hudgens said...

I noticed Iowa was on your list of not-visited - so you can definitely add the Field of Dreams to your list of destinations - it's in Davenport, Iowa...

Blogger overtly trite said...

we use to go to VT every summer when I was growing up there was always so much fun stuff to do in Manchester Vt!

Anonymous Keith said...

We lived in Vermont for 3 years and you should go to the Maple Grove Museum and factory
in St Johnsbury. You will enjoy the Ben & Jerry's tour just because you get a free sample of
the flavor of the day (at least you used to). Also you might consider Stow, Vermont. This is where the Von Trapp family (Sound of Music) moved to after the war. Maria lived at the family lodge until her death a few years ago. If the weather is nice, try the drive to the top of Mt Washington. Just be sure your brakes are in good shape, it's a steep trip but on a clear day the view is awesome.

Blogger Terrie said...

Frank,I was born and raised in NH,moved here 15 yrs ago. for a visit to NH you have to ride up Mount Washington Auto Road. We did this 5 yrs ago during bike week.They have the highest recorded winds in the world there.Great views. Also take a ride on the Kancamangus Highway.It goes across the state in the north.My husband comes from St Louis and he says NH is only 2 blocks long with Walmart taking up 1 block.hahaha It is not a big state. If you like seafood,there is a little clam shack on 125 in Epping. Awesome food,just don't ask for hushpuppies.they have no idea what they are. Not a lot of franchise seafood places and most of them are family owned and great food.Exeter,NH has lots of historic buildings in that town from the Revolutionary era. Rt4 starting in Lee,NH travels north and is known as antique alley. Of course there is also Hampton Beach which is a lot like Pigeon Forge except with the ocean. Follow rt 1A north and you will come to Saunders lobster house.Good food,if a bit pricey. If there is anything else you need info on,just e-mail me.

Anonymous Shannon said...

Im oringinally from NH, born and raise only been in TN for about 4 years, I would suggest the flume and kangamangus highway in the white mountains. If you go to exeter, NH you have to stop at moes sub next to the hospital. And York, maine is a quiet, cute little town with beautiful beaches, go to yorks wild kingdom its small but fun, and you'll have to stop and see the lighthouses. I'll think of more we go there every year to visit family.

Blogger Meaghan said...

I know you and Mom don't drink very much, but the Sea Dog microbrewery makes the most amazing wheat beer. It's called Blue Paw Wheat Beer and it is brewed with real Maine wild blueberries. It is sweet as candy and you can only find it in Maine or at specialty stores. Here's more info:


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