Friday, August 14, 2009


The women vastly outnumbered the men at the David Cook concert tonight. Well, at least they did in the first 15 or so rows at the Tennessee Theatre. The "American Idol" winner inspired girls to bring signs and dress up in shirts with his name. It was the 100th show on this tour and we all got free commemorative t-shirts.

My co-worker Gretchen and I introduced the show. We thought it would be funny if she tried to apply guyliner to me while I was reading the safety announcements. Unfortunately she forgot to bring her eyeliner. We had to use my wife's mascara instead. As she put some of the goop on my lashes, I said "David Cook doesn't wear mascara. Adam Lambert wears mascara!" The crowd loved it. In fact the audience was very receptive to Gretchen and me. As we posed for photos with listeners at intermission, I felt more like we were at a station event (such as a StarJam show) than at a "normal" concert.

Earlier in the day, Gretchen had interviewed David. She challenged him to learn to play "Rocky Top." He suggested that she bring a CD of the song for his sound guy to play as the band's intro music. Back at the radio station, I burned a disc with the song on it. We gave it to the right people and it got played just as David and the band took the stage. The sound guy was a little angry that I had mixed a Star 102.1 Go Vols jingle onto the front of the song. It turns out that he's a Florida Gator fan.

The concert was fantastic. He played mostly songs from his album and at least one that didn't make the cut, called "Souvenir." I got to hear my favorite David Cook song, "Come Back to Me." He referenced the way he had reinterpreted songs on "American Idol" before launching into an unrecognizable cover version of Cutting Crew's "(I Just) Died in Your Arms Tonight."

At the meet and greet after the show, David said he was surprised by the dance mix of Rocky Top. He expected it to sound like a John Denver song. I explained that I brought the version we play on our station, not the version they play on the old-school country station up the dial.

Several fans waited in the street outside David's tour bus after the show. I didn't notice the girl with the Gene Simmons tongue until after I got home and looked at the photos on my computer.

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Anonymous Typo said...

Thanks for the review! Will you be posting the interview with David on your blog or on the stations website?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Glad you liked the show. Thanks for the nice write-up. Cook and company live are awesome, and CBTM is on the VH1 Top 20 list so go vote everyone! Loved the pic of Cook in the t-shirt - good to know he was there too!

Anonymous Lori Ingram said...

Frank, I took my 12 year old daughter to see the show and we loved it. The opening band was good and you and Gretchen were hilarious. Morgan loved the guyliner comment and the mascara. We were up in the balcony and I was going to come say hello, but didn't want to mess with the girls in the We :> David t-shirts. He seemed very geniune and sincere on stage, and it appears he was in person too. Take Care,

Anonymous Gretchen said...

Typo: I'll probably post a link to the interview in its entirety on my Facebook soon.

Anonymous Gretchen said...

Link to David Cook interview:


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