Saturday, September 17, 2005

karma is a funny thing

"My Name Is Earl" is one of the most anticipated TV series of new Fall season. The show was created by Greg Garcia, a former intern at WAVA. He also created the semi-autobiographical series "yes, dear." A couple of years ago Greg participated in the WAVA e-reunion I put together. Just recently he used that page to contact another WAVA alumni, Bean Baxter, after "My Name Is Earl" was a topic on KROQ's Kevin & Bean Show.

On the day Greg moved to L.A., he came to visit me at KPWR. We chatted about his ambitions for a little while and I suggested that he take the elevator to the Central Casting office in that same building. The next day he was working as an extra in a prom scene on "Beverly Hills 90210."

Here's your homework assignment: watch "My Name is Earl" on Tuesday night especially if you are a Nielsen family.
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