Tuesday, April 25, 2006

slime time

It was a little like show and tell. Before tonight's Einstein Simplified show, Dave Fennell was excited to show me a photo on his camera phone. Once I saw it, I asked him to send it to my phone so I could post it here.

Dave said he was clearing away some bushes full of burrs and found a strange and peculiar slug underneath. Something made him immediately think of me. I choose to believe it was the word "peculiar" rather than the word "slug." The more I read about slugs, the more I'm glad not to be one. Although it's bright yellow like a banana, it doesn't match the description of the world famous banana slug. There's a species known as the yellow slug but it's mostly found in Europe. So what is the name of the slug on Dave's hand?
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

that slug is a Accidatium Sulferus.
it gets its yellow color from the sulferous minerals it injests in compost piles or decaying organic material. like any slug, it coats its body in its own mucas to create a lubricant for crawling on the ground...or daves hand in this case.

he might want to get his hand checked out though, the Sulferus' mucas is also used as a defensive venom against birds or other animals that might want to eat it and can even be absorbed into one's bloodstream after extended contact, causing freaky, spider-man-like mutations. he could do an awesome impression of an invertebrate in the Einstein show, though.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

i've found one today its in a jar
just like the one in your picture
did you ever found out whatkind it was rikbp@yahoo.com


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