Tuesday, May 02, 2006

we still have 40 seconds to fill

For the past 28 weeks my wife and I have been writing and recording weekly radio commercials for LA Weight Loss. Toward the end of February I posted two of the commercials that demonstrated my wife's rapidly improving voiceover work. In this week's spot, she does all the "heavy lifting." In other words, she handles the mentions of the website, the phone number and the current special. I am hopeful that our out-of-town family and friends will click on the play button to hear my wife's fine work in this week's ad.

In next week's spot we'll learn that my wife has lost the same amount as one of the bags of dog food I showed you on January 29. Oh, by the way, I have finally reached my own weight loss goooooooooooal!
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Anonymous MaryO said...

Hey Frank!

Great job on the spot. Jere sounds terrific - she's a natural! And CONGRATS on your GOOOOAAAAALLLLL!!!!!

Anonymous rich said...

My daughters and I were commenting on just how much Jere has improved since y'all started doing the commercials.

She really is good at it, and it wouldn't surprise me if she gets more work when this is over.

Anonymous Pam Mc said...

Congrats!! You and your wife seem like you have the most fun doing those spots. Glad you both are doing so well.


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