Thursday, May 04, 2006

world news tonight

The filmmakers of "United 93" used mostly unknown actors so the audience wouldn't get distracted by a famous face. I, however, was distracted by Denny Dillon of "Saturday Night Live" and by that lady who was on "Wings." Is it too soon for this movie? No. A movie called "American 11" would be too soon, but not "United 93"... By the way, I'm glad that Moussaoui will remain a failed martyr for his cause... Paris Bennett should have stayed on "American Idol" longer than Elliott Yamin. Funnyman Mario Cantone says Yamin looks like a gelfling from "The Dark Crystal" but I prefer Entertainment Weekly's observation that he looks like Mr. Tumnus from "The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe"... At first I thought I had never before heard that great song that Katharine McPhee sang on Tuesday night but then I realized that I had watched KT Tunstall perform "Black Horse and the Cherry Tree" on "Jimmy Kimmel Live"... There's no purpose in putting a "Yield" point on a non-elimination leg of "The Amazing Race." Lame... Even though the great J.J. Abrams directed it, I can't bring myself to see "Mission: Impossible III" after the way the first two films crapped on everything I loved about the original TV series. Instead I'll spend the time reading about the funny missions accomplished by Improv Everywhere... Here's a good meme idea: who are the 100 most influential people in your life?
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Anonymous Mary O said...

Hey Frank,

I can't believe you're not going to see "Mission Impossible III"!!! You have to give it a chance since it was directed by JJ Abrams. I saw an interview with him on the ABC 7 local news here in Los Angeles. He said Tom Cruise contacted him to direct the film after watching "Alias". Come on, Frank - you LOVE "Alias"! Plus, he said that the thing missing from the first 2 movies was character development. That's how "MI3" will be different from the others. And we know that is why we love "Alias" and "LOST". Personally, I can't wait to see it. I'm a huge JJ Abrams fan. I'm sure this is just the beginning of a great film career. (I saw on IMDB that he is doing "Star Trek XI" in 08.)

Also, my friend Ellie Choate (the harpist) played on the soundtrack for "MI3". AND, there is a scene with 5 bass flutes playing together.

Now there are some good reasons to see it!

Anonymous Ray said...

First of all, I listen to your show on my way to work each morning and I just want to say that I love the dynamic you have added.
I have recently started blogging myself (although I am on MySpace) and I was interested in reading yours. This particular one caught my attention because you have hit several subjects that I have interest in.
I went to see United 93 this past weekend because I agree with the indivdual who commented that it is too soon to forget this tragedy. I was impressed with the movie, however I agree that recognizing a few of the actors distracted from the overall feel of the movie...
While I was enjoying this movie, the rest of the group I was with was in the movie theater next to me, taking in MI:3...I refused to watch it. While I agree that JJ Abrams is amazing, Tom Cruise and the past two movies are not...and did we really need a third one??
I am appaled that Mr. Tumnus has stayed past not only Paris but now Chris...I'm not sure that I can go on watching American Idol...I do not believe the way in which they vote brings on accurate results and each year I am frustrated...
Is anyone as happy as I am that MoJo is no longer in the race? If I had to watch her cry one more time...if only they could have had a task that put Yolanda and Mo in a boxing ring together...
Well Frank, keep blogging, they are quite enjoyable :)


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