Wednesday, June 07, 2006

geek chic (part two)

And the winner is... anonymous! On Monday, I showed you the front page ad from a recent issue of Variety. The ad targeted Emmy voters without naming the television series being promoted. It consisted of nothing but excerpts from rave reviews. To find out which series was so highly touted, I had to load the DVD that came with the ad.

I tried to get a screen capture to show you the DVD's menu page but all I kept getting was an image of the Windows Media Player with a blank spot where the DVD image was supposed to be.

I invited you to play along and guess the show. The most serious guesses were "House" and "Big Love." Somebody guessed "South Park" and somebody else guessed "Underdog." But the winner was a person who posted anonymously. He/she knew that the series must be "Battlestar Galactica." Congratulations Anonymous! Next time, make up a fake name.
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