Sunday, June 25, 2006

a reptile dysfunction

Another really old tortoise has died. Over the weekend, I received a couple of emails from blog readers who wanted to make sure I had heard about the passing of Harriet, a tortoise believed to have been brought back from the Galapagos Islands by Charles Darwin. You might recall that an even older tortoise died in England three months back. I hope we don't have to wait for the inevitable bad news to find out which tortoise is now holds the title of world's oldest.

In other tortoise news, a blog reader who works at Comcast was kind enough to send me a promotional keytag in the shape of one of The Slowskys after reading my blog entry about them. It may not be something I need as much as a t-shirt but the keytag makes a very nice addition to my collection. I have a small tortoise-shaped lamp in my office and a few other tortoise toys and figurines around the house. Not to mentioned my freeze-dried pet tortoise, which is on display with my other memorabilia, or as you might call it "clutter."
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Anonymous Pam Mc said...

One man's clutter is another man's......freeze dried tortoise.

Anonymous Amy W said...

why would you freeze dry your pet turtle? That's a bit morbid.


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