Friday, July 28, 2006

it's a yum-yummy world

An email from the Marshmallow Peeps fan club arrived this week. It contained the phrase "Peeps on Vacation," which caught my eye. The Marshmallow Peeps website has places for fans to share their stories and photos.

A few years back, my mother and my sister gave me a trip to Alaska for my birthday, which happens to fall near the summer solstice. As a marshmallowaholic, I naturally brought along some Peeps. On my actual birthday, my sister and I took a flight from Talkeetna to a glacier near Mt. McKinley, or Denali as the locals call it.

I logged onto the "Peeps on Vacation" page and submitted one of my Alaska photos. It takes at least 48 hours for it to be reviewed by the Peeps staff and posted on the page if it's accepted. I wonder if they'll like the picture I sent:

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Anonymous Pam Mc said...

All Hail The Peeps!!


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