Sunday, September 17, 2006

how much is that football in the window?

The Redskins play the Cowboys on NBC tonight, which means we'll be able to watch the game. When we lived in Burbank, we got DirecTV and subscribed to the NFL Sunday Ticket so that our family could watch every Redskins game. We kept the subscription when we moved to Knoxville. They automatically renewed it every year until now. I don't know why they dropped us. It's as if they knew that I can't really afford the $249 expense this year.

The NFL Network will show edited replays of select games on Tuesday and Wednesday nights. I'll be counting on them to show a few Redskins games this season. Although I don't think next week's game against the Texans will be considered one of the week's premiere matchups.

Is there anybody reading
this who has subscribed to the NFL Sunday ticket after the season began? From past experience can you tell me if DirecTV drops the price later in the season? If so, I may still sign up.

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