Saturday, September 16, 2006

writ of habanero corpus

The Criminal Courts Building in Los Angeles became well known during the O.J. Simpson trial. In 1999, I spent almost two weeks there on jury duty but was never selected for a trial. Before my time ran out, they shipped me off to another courthouse to see if I could spend a day on a less complicated case. Instead I sat around in a different juror waiting room all day without being selected. The courthouse staff changed channels on the TV in the juror room as often as necessary to maintain a constant flow of judge shows. I swore that day that I would never watch another judge show in my life.

The people who work for the Judge Maria Lopez show didn't know about my pledge when they sent me a couple of edible promo items. They must have heard that the best way to get a plug on the radio is to send free food. Corey Dietz calls it CarboHeyThanks or Eatola. I think Carbola or Carbobribe might be good words for it too.

They sent a three ounce bag of nacho chips that contain 424 calories and 24 grams of fat. I won't be eating those but I will try the "Justice Will Be Served Spicy Sauce." The bottle of hot sauce came from a company called PromoShop in Los Angeles. I recognized their address as being on the same little cul-de-sac as the old Comedy World Radio Network.

While we're on the subject of sauces and the legal system, I spotted a product called Chaka's MMM Sauce on a supermarket shelf in Fairfax County. Do you think it's the same Chaka who spray painted his name all over Los Angeles?

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Anonymous Pam Mc said...

Yum! Free goodies!
You're in the big time now Frank.

Anonymous Matt - NHJC said...

"the same Chaka" ? Absolutely not! The tagger Chaka was born in 1972 and the sauce Chaka is older than I am (born early sixties). Chaka & I were both active in the Junior Chamber of Commerce (Jaycees) and he was a well respected member who "left his mark" by helping needy kids and many other community volunteer activities. On more than a few occasions he hosted community fundraiser barbeques using his MMM Sauce. Definitely NOT the same guy as the tagger!


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