Sunday, September 10, 2006

piddle, twiddle & resolve

All the lists compiled by the American Film Institute are subjective. It's hard to find much fault with their lists of the 100 greatest movies in any given category. But when they limit a list to only 25 films, some good ones are bound to be omitted. That's the case with their list of the 25 Greatest Movie Musicals. I can think of at least eight movies that I like better than most of the musicals on their list. Can you think of any more? Here are my missing eight:

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Blogger M. Fearghail said...

"The Blues Brothers" is the only musical worth watching! Why is it not on the list?

Okay, "The Wizard of Oz" is good too, for kids.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

How about "Phantom of the Opera"

Blogger Krisha said...

I love chitty chitty bang bang chitty chitty bang bang yes I do!

ohh and uhh

Les Mis


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