Sunday, November 12, 2006

don't cry

Retailers can earn a customer's loyalty through excellent products or excellent service or both. Today I had an experience that would fall under the category of "both." We buy our groceries at three or four different stores but we buy our skim milk only at Weigel's. The milk tastes better and costs less there. Plus they offer a punch card that we redeem for a free gallon after every sixteen gallons purchased. Today one of those brand new gallons fell on the kitchen floor and burst open at the seam. Milk spilled everywhere. We had to use beach towels to sop it up.

When I went back to Weigel's to buy a replacement gallon (and a small container of egg nog), I asked the clerk if they had received any complaints about defective milk containers. He didn't know of any but immediately pushed some buttons to void the transaction in the cash register. My replacement milk would be free of charge. The whole experience felt like it came right out of "In Search of Excellence." The clerk working the Sunday evening shift was entrusted to make a customer service decision on the spot. Potential employees are told that Weigel's operating standards are very high. They proved it to me tonight.

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Anonymous Becki said...

heh, Frank you are so blog dedicated! Most would simply run to get towels, but not you! You took it as an opportunity to entertain the masses! And I thank you on behalf of all of us. The only thing you leave me wondering is if Frank Jr. or Jeri rolled their eyes as you snapped a picture or not...?

Thanks for the laugh :)

Blogger Nyeboy9 said...

I've never seen a milk carton do that before. Interesting... It was real nice of that clerk to give you another gallon free of charge.

If a gallon of Mayfield milk did that, at it's fairly expensive price, I would cry.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

So you drop a milk carton on porcelain tile and then you ask why it bursts? That seems cheap to me? Of course, if you drop something it is going to break/burst on porcelain tile? Please!!!! You don't deserve a free gallon of milk. Great Customer Service by Weigels but....Don't abuse customer service.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hmmm... maybe I should switch. Frank, from what I can tell, you drive by the Kroger at the end of Cedar Bluff, where I am usually treated like an outcast. The service there is terrible, the items are hard to find and people are just plain rude.

Glad to hear that there's at least one place in Knoxville where there's decent customer service...


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