Saturday, November 04, 2006

put on your saris

On Thursday, Mindy Kaling and Greg Daniels were interviewed on "Fresh Air." I rarely listen to NPR but I was punching buttons in the car looking for anything that would hold my interest when I happened across some people discussing my favorite TV show, "The Office." I had to unload some groceries from the trunk and get them into the fridge but I didn't want to turn off the radio. I ran into the house, grabbed a portable radio, tuned it down to the non-comm end of the dial and stuck it in my back pocket. As it turns out, all I really had to do was wait a few hours for the audio to be posted online. While clicking around the NPR website, I saw something about a Charles Addams biography that looks interesting.

In next week's episode of "The Office" Jan tells Michael that the Scranton branch will be shutting down. Of course, that can't happen without ending the series. Maybe they'll close the Stamford office instead and Jim will move back to Pam, uh I mean Scranton.

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Blogger PredatorsHockey said...

Thanks for the audio link! I love the office!

Blogger Kings Fan said...

Yes, The Office is also one of my favorite... wait a minute, did you say you went to your "portable radio"? Like a transistor radio? Whew... you just blew my mind!


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