Thursday, November 09, 2006

checking e-mail

Richard Cheese sent me a copy of his open letter to Britney Spears. It's posted on his MySpace page for all to see and is worth reading if only for the line, "it's time you replaced the 'Federline' with some 'Cheddarline.'" Thanks also to Russ, who sent me a copy of everyone's new favorite Britney photo.

Einstein Simplified fan Tom sent me an invitation to join his Fantasy Moguls league. It's like fantasy football except with movie stars. It sounds like fun but there are a few other things I've wanted to get done first like adding Technorati tags to all my old blog entries and writing a vanity posting on Wikipedia. And reorganizing my dresser drawers.

A blog reader named Seth sent me one of those email forwards that only Michael Scott would enjoy. I had seen it before so instead of looking at it again, I clicked around Seth's website and found a photo of somebody standing in front of a giant Mr. T statue at Bonnaroo. I need to find out what they did with it after the festival so I can get my picture made with it too.

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