Thursday, November 02, 2006

after life

Happy Dia de los Muertos! Today is All Souls Day, a day to remember our deceased friends and family members.

You've probably never worried about what will happen to your email after you die. CNET News ran a story a few weeks back about taking your passwords to the grave. Some email providers will give your password to your survivors upon proof of your passing. If I were to die unexpectedly, I would want my wife to post something about it here on the blog, which means I have to make sure she can find the necessary passwords.

I once wrote that I wanted our friend Mary K. to sing my favorite arrangement of the "Litany of the Saints" at my funeral. Last night I heard my wife sing it beautifully at the All Saints Day Mass. If Mary K. isn't available, my wife could do the honors although I had already asked her to sing "Ave Maria." The "Litany of the Saints" turns up in my blog search results occasionally, including a couple of times this week. The litany music that I like so much is by John D. Becker.

After the death of proprietor Robert Martin, I was worried about the future of my favorite BBQ place. His family members kept the place open and continued serving great food. Every year at this time they would put up a sign announcing the date they will close for the winter. Well here's huge news. The sign went up today but it said that M&M Catering will now remain open all year long!

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Blogger D.O.M. Dan said...

Well I’m a day late and a dollar short, but I’m back for another read and comment. Bless me Frank, for I have sinned; I didn’t make it to mass to celebrate either All Saints’ Day, or All Souls’ Day. Please forgive me.

You got me thinking about my passwords. My wife doesn’t know them, and I don’t have them written down anywhere she would look. So I guess I better prepare.

My sister sings “Ave Maria” beautifully, and it’s sad to think that I’ve only heard it at my grandmother’s funeral. I used the link you provided to Bob’s MIDI page to listen to “Ave Maria”.

The next time I’m in Knoxville (which will also be the first time) I will seek out M&M Catering. I like me some BBQ.


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