Monday, December 04, 2006

you've got me wanting you

Coke and Pepsi are the big dogs in the supermarket soda aisle. Usually one or the other is on sale each week. Unfortunately for my wallet, my favorite soda is Diet A&W Root Beer. It is rarely discounted as deeply as Coke and Pepsi products. I drink it with some frozen fat free whipped topping to make a terrific root beer float that satisfies my sweet tooth without adding too many calories.

Pepsi makes Mug Root Beer but I've never seen the diet version of it in my local stores. Coke makes Barq's Root Beer but I've avoided it because it contains caffeine. We were running low on A&W last week but it was the Coke products that were on sale again. Out of curiosity I checked the label on both Barq's and diet Barq's. I was surprised that regular Barq's has caffeine but diet Barq's does not. I bought a twelve pack and tried some today with a scoop of frozen fat free whipped topping. The topping made it palatable but Barq's will always remain a distant second to A&W. The next time A&W is deeply discounted, my wife and I should buy more than the four twelve-packs we bought last time. Because it goes on sale more often, I might try making a Caffeine Free Diet Dr Pepper float someday.

Diet candies have also helped me along the way. Although I've learned that too many at once can cause stomach rumblings or even cramps. I like the Jelly Belly Sugar-Free Fruit Slices and the Sugar Free Life Savers Sorbets. My wife loves both flavors of Mentos Sugarfree.

There was only a little bit left in my bottle of Walden Farms calorie free chocolate syrup. It wasn't enough for a glass of chocolate milk. Instead, I drizzled the remaining sauce over some fresh raspberries. It barely covered a couple of berries. I wanted more but the rest of the syrup was stuck to the sides of the bottle. The obvious move was to take some of the berries and drop them in. I gently shook the bottle and rolled it around some. The raspberries came out choco-coated and delicious. I will be trying that again.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I will have to try a few of these things. Being diabitic they sound wonderful.

Anonymous Brian (Bronco) Dunleavy said...

Have you ever tried pouring a bit of milk into the nearly-empty chocolate syrup bottle and shaking it up? The last time I did that my roommates laughed at me, but the chocolatey goodness was beyond compare.

Blogger Frank Murphy said...

My son laughs at me every time I pour milk in the chocolate syrup bottle. You think he'd be used to it by now!


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