Monday, January 22, 2007

the access number is on the back

Mondays are almost the new Thursdays at our house. I recorded five hours of primetime programming tonight, of which I was able to watch three so far. I had to choose which shows to watch in high definition (but in real time) and which shows to watch in medium quality on the TiVo (but with the ability to rewind and fast-forward). I am reluctant to spend the $300 that the satellite company wants for an HD DVR. Of course, I'm spoiled from getting the HDTV setup as part of an endorsement deal.

My son and I watched "Prison Break" and "24" in HD. I also recorded those shows on the upstairs TiVo as a backup in case my wife wanted to see them when she returned from choir practice. After "24" we all went to another room to watch "Heroes" on the TiVo. Next week my son and I may choose to watch "Heroes" in HD and save the "24" for TiVo replay. Although having "Heroes" on TiVo was helpful because there were scenes that we rewound to watch again. At one point we paused the show and I called the toll free phone number displayed on the Primatech Paper business card. Oh yeah, NBC sent out a press release today about the extra features available to fans online and over the phone. I just hope they don't go overboard with the extra stuff like "Lost" has.

What are the shows I recorded but haven't watched yet? "How I Met Your Mother," "The Class" and "Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip." I'm not sure how much longer I will continue watching "Studio 60." Yet I say that while realizing that I am a completist when it comes to TV shows. If I decide to watch a series, I want to see every episode starting from the pilot through its eventual cancellation. "Studio 60" started out pretty good but got too "West Wing-y" too soon. Meanwhile, "30 Rock" gets better each week, giving me everything I would want in a behind-the-scenes at an SNL-type-show show.

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Anonymous Chris Boylan said...

Frank - long time, no see. If you remember, I (Chris Boylan, then Rocky's producer), along with Rocky Allen, drove you to take that photo of the Frank Murphy Hall of Justice in Detroit.

Anyway, stopped by your site just randomly and saw the post on HDTiVos and your reluctance to buy one. Let me say that you should take the plunge. I bought a HDTiVo 2 years ago at a much higher price and it has been worth every penny. So jump on board - especially since if you have DirecTV, I think you can get their DTV branded new HD DVR for not much - and it can receive MPEG-4, which my soon to be obsolete HDTiVo cannot. Still a great purchase, however.

Hope all is well, and feel free to contact me through the contact form on my site.



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