Monday, May 28, 2007

belongs to the ages

Something is seriously wrong with my digital camera. It's been acting up for the past few weeks. Prior to this weekend, I had been able to get it to work by taking the compact flash chip out and then putting it back in. Today I tried to snap a few photos in scenic Staunton, Virginia. All I got was a digital mess. Anybody know anything about troubleshooting a Canon PowerShot A70?

I saw a sign that said "Jumbo Museum" and made my wife double back. I hoped it might be dedicated to the famous 19th century circus elephant. Instead it was an antique fire equipment museum. It looked like it was closed for the holiday. Since the good camera was broken, I used my cell phone camera to photograph it anyway.

While we were driving in circles through Staunton, a local pulled up alongside and asked if he could help us. It was obvious that we were from out of town. I asked him to recommend someplace for lunch. He sent us to Cranberry's, a combination health food store and restaurant which served wraps and salads. We bought a small bag of very tasty sweet potato chips made in Virginia by Route 11 Potato Chips. They need to start selling these chips in Tennessee. After all, the actual Route 11 (a/k/a Kingston Pike) runs right through Knoxville.

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Blogger Aaron said...

Frank I think your camera has been dropped. That appears to be some kind of problem with the writing of the information in the camera.

Blogger Chris said...

Don't know much about that Canon point and shoot camera, but I guess you've tried the obvious of replacing the batteries (two of the same kind and brand new) and reformatting the memory chip.

I found your site because I was watch BBQ on Food Network and came across your thoughts on M&M bbq. Isn't it great that they are year round now?????

Speaking of bbq, there is a big amatuer event for charity in Blount in June. I have volunteered for this year and hope to participate next year.

I wrote about it here:

Great blog, I'll be back.

Blogger seenonradio said...

Driving around in circles in Staunton... (*shakes head and laughs*)

I have family in Staunton and have been there a few times.
Probably the worst laid out place in America.
Suggested Staunton Motto:
You haven't been lost and confused until you've been to Staunton.

When I go to visit it usually takes me an hour of wrong turns and backtracking to find my family.

Backup Motto For Staunton:
Are these the same cows we saw before?


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