Tuesday, July 10, 2007

big enough to drive a truck through

It seemed as if there were more stunt performers than actors listed in the credits for "Live Free or Die Hard." The exciting action scenes more than make up for the gaping plot holes but I am still left with some questions. As in many other movies, the villain turned bad when his employer wouldn't heed his warnings. In this case he told them to prepare for a cyber attack. He leaves his job and plots a crime to prove that they should have listened to him. But if they weren't paying attention to him, why did they build a multi-million dollar facility exactly to his specifications? I must have missed that explanation. The whole purpose of the building is to back up data in the event of an attack, just like the villain had predicted. Now he knows precisely how to work the system in his favor. And another thing, if all the cell phones are knocked out of service, why does OnStar still work? C'mon!

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