Friday, October 31, 2008

one trick, three treats

It would have been cool to celebrate Halloween by posting a copy of "The War of the Worlds," as requested by my friend Bean. I unsuccessfully dug through several drawers full of old CDs hoping that I might have the version we did on KLOS. Unfortunately the fan sites and Rare Footage Vault didn't have it either. Instead I found a CD of the 1938 version, which I was enjoying in the car as I drove around today.

Last weekend I saw something that would be great at a Halloween party. Here are some college students using liquid nitrogen to make ice cream. It makes a mess.

Last night I judged a dessert cook-off that you'll be reading more about later. One of the contestants put Oreo Balls on a Halloween tray with some holiday sprinkles. They were similar to the Oreo Truffles my wife makes, except these had white chocolate (yuck) on the outside. I much prefer the dark chocolate coating.

Of all the Halloween costumes I saw tonight, only one made me reach for the camera. Here's a human Marshmallow Peep.

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Blogger overtly trite said...

yuck??! pass he white chocolate ones this way yumm

Anonymous Jere said...

I think when Frank sees food covered in white he thinks of Marshmallow icing and gets very disappointed when it turns out to be white chocolate, which doesn't taste anything like chocolate.

White chocolate can be good paired with the right flavors; but I still think dark chocolate is the better sweet. And it is better for you, so I have an excuse to eat it.


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