Sunday, November 09, 2008

rocka top

If the management for Rockapella had asked me, I might have requested that they schedule their Knoxville concert for any night besides a Tuesday. Last year I wished that I could be in two places at once to see the renowned a capella group when they performed at George Mason University. This year they are coming to the University of Tennessee on the one night of the week that I am always booked.

While I wish that all of you would show up at Patrick Sullivan's this and every Tuesday to see the comedy improv of Einstein Simplified, I know that most of you won't. Perhaps you can go see Rockapella instead. They're so good that I'm kicking myself for not making any progress on bilocation.

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Anonymous Jere said...

I am sooo jealous of Krisha and James.
If I didn't have to work, I would drop everything to go see my favorite acapella group. My favorite song of theirs is "I Am Your Man."

Blogger Amelia said...

Wish you guys were still at the Comedy Zone on those few Saturday nights. There's a new business opening there now, right?

Blogger Meaghan said...

Rockapella had an amazing show last year at Mason. I was able to go with a couple of friends and the crowd loved them so much that they came back out for 2 encores. It was a blast!


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